Unrefined Shea Butter Natural Carrier Oil Base Oil 未精制乳木果油基础油

Unrefined Shea Butter Natural Carrier Oil Base Oil 未精制乳木果油基础油

Unrefined Shea Butter Natural Carrier Oil Base Oil 未精制乳木果油基础油

:- Store in cold dry place
:- For External use only
:- Can apply direct on the skin or mix with other carrier oil, base oil, etc......
:- dilute essential Oil, handmade soap, Lipstick DIY, cosmetic, spa etc

Unrefined: unrefined is a natural, light yellow paste that retains the original taste/ smell of shea butter. Some people don't like it very much, and they will see some impurities after melting, so they usually make handmade soap. More; or directly apply the skin (face body, adults and children are available), very good anti-wrinkle sunscreen moisturising effect, but this is 100% pure shea butter, not adulterated, please pay attention when you use it Too much, too much will look a bit oily, but absorbed quickly, smooth and not sticky.

Refined: Refined is white colour. It is made of unrefined shea butter through simple physical processing to remove colour and taste/ smell. After decolorisation and deodorisation, there is no taste/ smell and impurities. It is more suitable for skin creams such as creams and lotions.

Unrefined is better than refining?

In fact, this is a one-sided statement, because their own characteristics determine what they are more suitable for what products, like refined, more suitable for skin care products because of unrefined colours, tastes/ smell, impurities, in the process of doing skin care products are more troublesome, To filter out impurities and cover up its taste, so refined is more suitable for skin care products!
Some people say that unrefined is more nutritious than refined. In fact, this statement is not absolute. The most precious ingredient in shea butter is the unsaponifiable value. The main effect of non-saponification is sunscreen, anti-UV and anti-wrinkle. The higher the unsaponifiable value, the better, rather than simply saying that refining is not refined. More knowledge of shea butter can refer to Google.

Shea butter is a natural light yellow or nearly colorless creamy solid oil extracted from African Shea Butter. It is suitable for creams, lotions, soaps and other skin care products. Shea butter is the closest to the human body's sebum-secreting oil. It is rich in non-saponifying ingredients and is easily absorbed by the body. It not only prevents dry cracking, but also further restores and maintains the skin's natural elasticity. It has an incredible depth. Moisturizing effect.

Scientists have found that the incidence of skin diseases in people who use shea butter in Africa is extremely low, and the skin is particularly smooth and soft. In addition to this, shea butter has a wide range of uses, and its by-products can be used as cooking oils, kerosenes and even insulating materials. For this reason, shea butter is called jade in vegetable oil.

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