100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

100% Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil

100% Pure and Natural
Plant Part: Leaves, Twigs
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation
Top Benefits: Improve Breathing, Clear Sinuses, Soothe Muscles

Eucalyptus awakens the senses and takes you on a rejuvenating journey to soothing relief. It is often found in products designed to soothe muscle tension. Enjoy the healing properties and the undeniably refreshing scent of Eucalyptus.

- Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil to a diffuser to help clear sinuses and relieve tension.
- Mix 3-5 drops of Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils with Coconut Oil. Rub the mixture on your chest and neck to ease sinuses.
- Place a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil on a warm, damp washcloth. Set the washcloth in the shower before showering for an invigorating experience.
-Cold & Flu Symptom Relief: Add 2 drops of Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint Essential Oils to a cool, damp cloth, and sponge your entire body for feelings of relief.

- Keep out of reach of children.
- Store in a cool, dry place.
- Dilute with a carrier oil at a 2% dilution rate before skin application.
- Keep out of eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
- Apply a few drops of the diluted essential oil to wrists, temples, back of the neck or bottom of feet to enjoy the benefits.

Diffusion: Add between 2-8 drops into a diffuser to enjoy the aroma.

Origin: China
Ready stock, Ship from West Malaysia

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