Candelilla wax For Cosmetics 小烛树蜡

Candelilla wax For Cosmetics 小烛树蜡

Candelilla wax For Cosmetics 小烛树蜡

Candelilla wax is translucent or opaque, light yellow has a fragrant taste, almost no taste, shiny and pleasing to the eye, fine structure, hard and crisp texture, smooth touch.
In the cosmetics to increase the gloss, melting point, hardness, heat resistance, oil absorption and other effects.
In daily chemicals, shoe polish, leather wax, floor wax, furniture wax, and car wax can be added to increase the brightness.

小烛树蜡为半透明或不透明,淡黄色 有一种芳香的味道,几乎无口味,有光泽悦目,结构微细,质地较硬又娇脆,触感滑爽。在化妆品中起到增加光泽度,熔点,硬度,耐热性,吸油性等作用。在日用化学品中,可做鞋油,皮革蜡,地板蜡,家具蜡,汽车蜡可增加光亮的作用。

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